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Do You Need A Free Roofing Quote?

As with any manual trade, when a solution is needed it’s really easy for a practically minded homeowner who has done a few of their own home improvements over the years to entertain doing the work themselves.

No problem here at all.

Until you look at costs.

As we provide a free quotation service, we obviously get asked to provide quotes for the roofing costs of various roofing jobs. Whether it’s small roof repairs or full roof replacements, we’re asked to provide free quotes for, there’s often a surprised look when we give the quote to our customers.

As with most things, there’s more to a quote than meets the eye.

For instance, maybe you have a flat roof and you’re thinking of doing the roofing work yourself? It’s easy to think that it’s just a matter of popping out and buying a few bits of rubber or felt, waiting for a sunny day, getting the beer out and your top off, (or a bikini if you prefer to keep a few bits covered up of course!) and wahey - the roof is in progress and it only cost you a few bob for that rubber stuff and some rollers...

We’d hate to ruin the taste of your beer in this fantastic image but how about us giving you a little insight as to what’s actually included in roofing prices as it’s a bit more than the roofing material costs.

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What Does A Roofing Quote Include?

If we take a mid range roofing solution for instance. Here’s a run down of what an experienced roofing contractor knows to allow for in your quote if you’re considering getting a tiled roof replaced…

Living here in Liverpool or Merseyside means we have lots of terraced properties, so in this example we’re going to look at the price for a new roof on a mid terraced house.

The average roof area for a mid terraced house is around 55m2 and by the time we’ve added all the factors up, you can expect to pay anything from £2000 for an average sized roof to £4000 for a larger roof. This is what that quote is based upon:

    • - Tanalised Roofing Battens (Normal grade) £100
    • - Milled Lead Valley & sundries £100
    • - Milled Lead Flashings £100
    • - Mid Range Quality Breather Membrane £100
    • - Nails & Fixings £20
    • - 4 x Low Profile Roof Vents £120
    • - Ridge Tiles £90
    • - Skip Hire £150
    • - Scaffolding Hire £700
    • - Roof Tiles £750
    • - Labour – 1 Weeks work for two men

So you can see that there’s a fair bit more to consider than you may have first thought of. When you think that the cost of the skip and scaffolding hire is a fair chunk of the cost, this is something that many people planning to do the work themselves forget to allow for.

And we don’t want to scare you, but you really do want to make sure that you’re covered properly both during and after your work is being done. Just a small hole in the roof over a period of time could see you paying out for water damage in your home and you definitely won’t have allowed for that in your quote - how much is it going to cost to replace your favourite Village People albums you’ve had in the loft for years??

Back to roofing quotes though, there are many other costs which any ‘business’ has to absorb with their revenue which we haven’t even mentioned here but without them, we’d not be here. Hidden running costs such as down time due to rain, fuel, advertising, wages, premises, storage, vehicle and machinery running costs and let’s not forget the team bacon butty on a Friday...

So you’re probably starting to get an idea of what you’re looking at when you’re dealing with professional quotes for your roof including the hidden extras a novice would often overlook. Our years of experience means we know what we’re doing and we do it efficiently.

Understanding The Cost of Roofing Repairs

For instance, we know how to manage the logistics of getting a big truck with your skip on it down a terraced street…

We know which roofing materials you can reduce the quality on when you’re trying to save money, and which ones you really don’t want to mess with.

And that labour cost at the end?

That isn’t just a couple of guys with some tiles and hoping for the best. It’s years of expertise where we’ve already learnt our craft, made our expensive mistakes already and are coming to you knowing exactly what we’re doing.

It’s always hard to get that message across without sounding like we’re either bragging or trying to talk you into giving us your business.

That isn’t our intention. We’re simply saying we know what we’re doing. Where you’ll see that is in the questions you ask. Maybe you want to know whether to use metal roofing? Or whether to buy concrete tiles or clay tiles? Do you need ridge tiles?

Let’s use another example to share what we mean…

You might be wondering whether a flat roof is the best solution for you. Not only will we know which materials are best (as well as how to fit them properly of course!) but there are other factors which we will automatically know about the pros and cons of your options.

For instance, many people think of the disadvantages of a flat roof such as drainage, but when asked what the benefits are, the next few points will flash through our minds…

Flat Roofs Have More Internal Space

When you’re looking at how to make the best use of the space underneath your roof, it’s really easy to lose a lot of that precious room on the structural support of a pitched roof. With a flat roof there’s none of that. Having a flat roof frees up a phenomenal amount of space giving much flexibility to use that space far more freely and creatively.

Flat Roofs Make It Easier To Stabilise Internal Temperatures

If the heat is flowing around a non-pitched area it’s much easier to keep the temperature more stable. If you look at how much more external surface there is on a pitched roof, all of this takes extra heating to maintain that internal ambiance. Having one flat surface reduces this significantly so your bills will follow suit.

Flat Roofs Are Cheaper To Construct

Just the very nature of a flat roof having less surface to cover than a pitched roof will save you money as fewer materials are needed. The roof also needs much less support and materials structurally, so more savings there. If you’re looking at a ‘pretty pitched slate roof’ with the ‘pretty tiles’ that are all part of an overall effect, this mounts up pretty significantly. With so much of a flat roof being invisible, you can focus more on the practicality of it than juggling the aesthetics into it too, saving you a tidy buck in the process.

Flat Roofs Are Easier To Insulate

We can’t do anything these days without Carbon Footprints or energy efficiency getting into it. It’s important to bear your insulation in mind with your roof though as incorporating it into your roof replacement or build saves you money in the long run.

Flat Roofs Now Offer Plenty Of Choice

Flat Roofs are no longer just a roll of felt and a torch. The range of materials on offer now is huge, so it means you can get really creative with your designs. Depending on how adventurous you are you can literally think outside the box - I mean - who wants a roof inside their house eh?? Your project and design will be the deciding factor in the materials and methods you opt for but we can help you to work out your options based upon your home, design and budget.

So you can kind of see now that a quote is more than a quote it’s a ‘current’ reality check

Even if you’re looking at doing the work yourself, get in touch for a free quote anyway. If nothing else you’ll get more detailed information on what you need to be looking for when considering your costs.

If you’re looking for a new roof for your project we are more than happy to help you with this too so get in touch at the early stages so we can work within your processes more easily.

Whatever your roofing needs are, our friendly team are on hand so get in touch and we’ll happily see how we can help you stay warm and dry for as long as possible - even in the scouse showers!

Top 10 Roofing Quote Questions Answered

What Questions Should I Ask A Roofing Contractor?

Choosing the right roofing contractor to replace the roof on your home is quite an ordeal. It can feel quite stressful if you don't know what you're doing or what to look for. Here are some good questions to start you off on what to ask roofing contractors you may be looking to hire...

  • - Are you insured? Just asking them what insurance they have in place will give you peace of mind that you are covered in more ways than one if anything goes wrong.
  • - Do you use roofing subcontractors or do the work yourself? If you know that they are a team that handles all aspects of their own work, they can vouch for the end result. If they use subcontractors, it may be worth exploring how they choose who they work with for added insight.
  • - Will you remove my old roof? Some contractors will try to put your new roof over parts of the old one. This is fine if a thorough inspection has been conducted but not it they haven’t done this - lingering problems such as rotten wood is going to cause you problems in the long run. Pay attention to the quote they gave you and what it includes.

Will You Deal With The Disposal Of The Old Materials?

Believe us, you really don't want to be lumbered with this lot!

Make sure your roofing company will be dealing with the disposal of what they remove, rather than leaving it for you to handle. Most reputable companies will allow for skip hire or material disposal as part of their quote, but at the very least they will make it clear that you need to arrange one when they organise your roofing schedule.

Do Roofers Give Free Estimates?

Yes, most roofing companies, including ours, will give you a free estimate for any repairs or work that you are looking to have done. Particularly with a roof replacement, you will want to know the details of what it will include.

However, if you are not sure that you need a full roof replacement, sometimes we need to look in more detail so an inspection may be needed. In this case, there is a fee for a roof inspection as it takes a lot of time and experience to go into the level of detail needed.

It’s very similar to a house valuation when you are looking to buy your property - we really do look in a lot of detail about the state of your roof and it’s components,

Do Roofers Need To Come Inside?

If we are giving you a thorough quote such as a full roof replacement for instance, there is a strong chance that we will need to come inside to inspect your attic and give it a full appraisal to ensure there are no nasty surprises. On smaller jobs there is still a chance we may need to come inside to do some of the work, a prime example being for replacing, repairing or installing skylights which will require us to be inside the premises

There are many aspects of roofing that won't require us to be inside though so if this is of concern to you, simply give ask us when we provide you with the quote, and we'll explain what access requirements we will need.

What Constitutes A New Roof?

This is quite a tricky one to answer, as we will always take a good look at what is already in sound condition and then provide you with the details of replacement materials over and above that. For instance, if all of your rafters are still in strong, dry condition it’s wasteful to dispose of them. Adding the additional cost of replacing this would unnecessarily increase your quote so we will always try to keep your costs down, where possible.

There are many elements to your quote though, for instance, rafters, ceiling joists, ridge boards, flashing - the list goes on. It's always important to ask to go through your quote in detail with your roofing company.

We will always do this with our customers to ensure they know exactly what we will be doing for them and what materials and labour their quote includes.

Do Gutters Have To Be Removed When Replacing A Roof?

Again, this is another of those vague answers where we say ‘It depends’.

If we are replacing your roof, we will look at the state of your gutters to see if there are any repairs needed, but we don't always need to actually remove them in order to work on the roof or replace it.

If your gutters, are in very good condition we will always try to re use them. We are not wasteful and we don't spend your money for you, so if your gutters are in good condition already we will preserve as much of them as possible. However, if they are starting to look tired, stained or damaged, we will replace them while we are dealing with the roof but this will usually have been included within your quote.

Do I Need To Stay At Home During A Roof Replacement?

Yep, you guessed it - it depends. This will be purely down to your own personal preference, as some people prefer to be on hand should any problems arise or just the general peace of mind of knowing what’s happening to your home. However, in most cases it isn't necessary for you to be present.

If we can see that we will need access to your premises before we start working on your roof - for instance, if we are replacing or fitting skylights - then we will need to do some of this from inside your home and will discuss with you how this can access can be arranged.

How Do I Prepare For A Roofing Job?

Most of this is common sense but there are definitely a few things that you will need to consider prior to a roof replacement. Here are some of them:

  • - Cover your belongings in your attic with dust sheets.
  • - Move your vehicles out of the way (You don't want rogue tools falling from a roof landing on your windscreen do you!)
  • - Remove any antenna or satellite dishes.
  • - We will also need access for our own parked vehicles (so your favorite parking space may need to be forfeited whilst your roof is being worked on.)
  • - Warn the children and pets - okay so telling the dog that he's not allowed in the garden whilst men are working overhead may be a bit tricky but you get what we mean - animals and children will need to be clear of the work zone whilst there are hazards of items falling from the roof.
  • - If you're a lovely neighbor, you may want to let your neighbors know what's going on too in case of any disruption ie skips in the road.

What Do Roof Inspectors Look For?

When we conduct a roof inspection this gets very in depth and will vary depending upon your roof type and materials -for example a flat roof will have an entirely different process to a period property’s slate roof.

Some examples of things we’ll check for are signs of water damage, mould, tiles or shingle deterioration, loose seams, damaged flashing, rust or rot. We’ll check the soundness of the roofs structure - wood needs to be moisture and rot free, membranes will be checked.

You get the idea - there’s a lot to consider which is why a roof inspection differs from a free quotation but we can talk you through this when you get in touch.

Why Is Roofing So Expensive?

When the average price of a new roof from a professional roofing company can cost anything from £2,000 to £40,000 or more, it’s easy to wonder why they are SO expensive!

But if you look at the prices of the individual components, the labour needed to piece it all together properly as well as the experience needed to do a good job, you can start to understand where your money is actually going.

And let’s not forget it’s an investment. If you bought a car that you’d expect to last 10 - 30 years, you’d be paying a hefty price. Luckily roofs aren’t an annual bill - they’re an occasional expense but you can often see this returned in the value of your home. Having a decent, well maintained roof could be the difference in getting the asking price of your property when selling it for instance. Luckily your new roof is guaranteed for a LONG time after it’s been built too so you can enjoy being warm and dry for many a year to come!

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