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There is such a wide range of roofing systems and materials available nowadays, it’s more important than ever that you use an experienced roofing company you can trust for any repairs on your roof.

When you add to this the variety of weather your roof is now exposed to here in sunny Liverpool, it really highlights the need for a prompt and reliable remedy when something goes slightly (or not so slightly!) wrong.

Which is where we can help!

If you need quality roofing services in the Liverpool area such as Southport, Warrington, Wirral or any of the surrounding areas simply get in touch and our team of professional, reliable roofing contractors will have you warm and dry again before you know it.

We’ve fixed a LOT of roofs now so we’ve dealt with all types of roofing remedies from simple roofing repairs such as replacement tiles through to full roof replacements - if you need an expert you can trust, Liverpool Roofing Company is at your service.

If you look at storm damage alone, we’ve been kept pretty busy as storms are becoming so frequent these days they even have their own names so your roof really will be in safe hands!

Tile and Slate Roofing Repairs

As you probably know, over a period of time, tile and slate roofs become prone to damage from weather effects and erosion. Most roofs in our country are constructed using these materials, so you can glean extra confidence if you know that your roof repairs are being conducted by a slating and tiling expert.

We can’t emphasise enough to get in touch with us as early as possible as the benefit of a tile or slate roof is that if any damage is caught early on, the repair may be just a matter of replacing one or two tiles and the cost can be minimal.

If you’re not so speedy with your resolution though, it could prove a little more costly so get in touch for a free quote as we’ll give you an honest appraisal of what is needed right now, and it we think there is anything you need to pay attention to in the near future.

If you do happen to have any concerns about whether your roof will see you through the next Winter or not, simply give us a call and we can arrange to come and perform a maintenance check on your roof for your peace of mind. We will provide honest advice on how best to prolong the life of your roof as sometimes a simple repair can save you a much larger outlay longer term.

Flat Roofing Services Liverpool

Liverpool Roofing Company ‘Covers’ All Aspects Of Roofing…

With over 30 years experience under our belts, it isn’t just slate and tiles we deal with.

Our team have years of experience on all aspects of roofing work from flat roof repairs and replacements through to chimneys and lead work too. The chances are if it’s up a ladder we’ve worked on it!

Here are some of the roofing services we offer:

  • - Annual Roof Maintenance Check
  • - Roof Replacement Surveys
  • - Flat Roofing or new felts
  • - Discussing Flat Roofing Systems at New Build Stage
  • - Lead Flashing & Valleys repaired or replaced
  • - Ridge Tile repointing or replacement
  • - Chimney Stacks - repoint, rebuild, capping or venting
  • - Sourcing reclaimed tiles and slates for a perfect match
  • - Conservatory roofs repaired or replaced
  • - Roof Insulation
  • - Insurance and Grant Enquiries

This is by no means an exhaustive list, so if you are looking for assistance with something that isn’t listed above, please do get in touch and we’re sure we’ll have an expert here to help you

Whilst We're Repairing Your Roof

Last but definitely not least, if we’re up a ladder checking your roof, it makes sense for us to make the best use of that time. We can also help with the non-roof jobs.

that most people can’t reach:

  • - Guttering cleaned out, repaired or replaced
  • - Fascias repainted, repaired or replaced,
  • - Soffits re-painted, repaired or replaced,
  • - Pipes unblocked or replaced,
  • - Cladding redecorated or replaced

The variety of work we’ve been lucky enough to be involved in over the years has kept us very busy - we’d like to say it’s kept us on our toes but you need more than tip-toes for most of our work!

We’ve worked on so many projects now from private homes to council contracts, schools and even churches - and we’ll tell you from experience - you can’t have a fear of heights working on a church roof that’s for sure!

What we know though is that you need to know your roof has been repaired properly. We’ll look at what causes the problems we’re repairing as well as how to repair them because there’s no point repairing loose tiles for instance, if the batons they’re resting on are rotten.

But you don’t have to worry about us trying to make a dishonest buck out of you as we have too much to lose. It goes without saying that we’re really proud of the great reputation we now have after 30 years of providing a prompt and reliable service.

All of the work we conduct comes with a guarantee and we strive for 100% customer satisfaction. We also know that the work we execute is often out of our customers sight but we feel that’s even more reason to do a great job!

We’re super proud of our reputation of providing a friendly roof repairs service too - roof problems can be daunting as it’s worrying just how big the problem could be so we try to put your mind at ease as well fixing your roof.

Please do get in touch for any of your roofing needs and we’ll provide a totally free, no obligation quote.

Your peace of mind (as well as a dry home!) is only a click away and we’d really love to hear from you.

Top 10 Roofing Repair Questions Answered

Is A Roof Leak An Emergency?

Unfortunately, where roofs are concerned, a leak is usually an emergency as leaving it unchecked could really cause some problems. Add to this that roof leaks tend to happen during a rainstorm, this - very inconveniently for you - is when roofers are at their busiest!

If leaks are starting to spring up on more tired roofs, then they are going to show up more and more during our wetter seasons. Try to take a good look at the state of your roof before you get to the wet season but if you do have a leak, we’d suggest getting in touch quickly and we can get to you promptly to keep any damage to a minimum.

What Is The Average Cost Of A Roof Repair?

The average spend of an individual repair is between £147 and £670. Quite often it isn’t an isolated problem though so the average cost of a repair visit is around £750. The most common reason for a repair callout is to repair leaks. This can sometimes be as simple as replacing a few slates or tiles but we’ll always look at what’s causing the problem underneath too while we’re able to get close to the problem. If we can see that other problems are likely in the short term, we’ll make sure we bring these to your attention.

Is It Normal For A New Roof To Leak?

Unfortunately, not all roofers are reputable. So if you find that you have just invested in a lovely new roof and in the first rainstorm, you're getting a little bit wet, it's certainly not ideal. Contact the original company who fitted the roof but if they're not being helpful, you will need to quickly source an alternative solution.

Don’t completely panic though - what you can often find is that it isn't the entire roof that’s the problem - if there are protrusions such as chimneys, any valleys, skylights or stack lines, water can gather around these easily and find even the smallest of weaknesses. An ongoing leak can cause significant damage over a period of time though so it's worth getting a reputable company to come and take a look for you at the earliest opportunity,

When Should Roof Tiles/Slate Be Replaced?

Roof Slates/Tiles are pretty hardy so it's not unusual to see a slate roof still going strong after 20 years. But if you take a look at the roofs of the properties in your street and see that other houses are starting to get theirs replaced, it's worth having a look a little more closely at your own.

Signs that the slates or tile are starting to age are looking at the individual edges, maybe they are curling or the tiles are starting to crack and perish. If the whole roof is just starting to look old and worn, it can also look unsightly so you might decide for yourself it’s time to upgrade the aesthetics of your property with a new roof.

Why Do Roofs Leak?

Roofs tend to leak when they have weaknesses in them which can often occur when the roof starts to age. An ageing roof could be leaking for a multitude of reasons such as the roof membrane starting to perish or maybe it’s damaged? Perhaps the roof flashing could have a gap in it? These issues could cause just the smallest of leaks but if any of this creates a ravine in any way, obviously in a downpour the valley for the water will really escalate the problem.

Sometimes, it may actually be improper installation of the materials in the first place. Storm damage can also cause major problems with limbs of trees or branches falling onto the roof so it’s best to keep an eye on these if they’re getting large or weak.

Whatever the cause, don't ignore a small leak as water will work its way inside and given even a small amount of time, it can really do some damage so it's better to nip it in the bud at the first occurrence.

How Do I Know If My Roof Is Leaking?

It may seem quite a daft question as you're probably conjuring up images of water everywhere.

If that is the case, then yes - you most definitely have a leak but we know you’d have worked that part out for yourself!

Sometimes a smaller leak can be much more subtle though, so things to look for are signs like water stains appearing on the ceiling. Once they have dried out, they tend to go a brownish colour, so if you are starting to see brown circles on your ceiling, it could be a problem above that floor.

If you can, try to get into your attic to take a closer look. If you can see drips or moisture on the walls, then this could also be a leak in the roof.

One of the first things to do is pop outside and see if you can get a good look maybe from the kerb at the overall state of your roof. If it looks like it is aging, maybe there are seams between the slates, tiles, flashing or the chimney which may be prone to leaking now that they are starting to perish.

If you need an expert opinion, then give us a call and we’ll come and take a look but a word of advice - it’s best to do this before the winter when the extra water could wreak havoc on a few unchecked leaks.

Is A Leaking Roof Covered By Insurance?

Home insurance can be a little bit of a grey area often having exclusions within it such as wind, hail or storm damage. So really do pay attention to the small print. Many home insurance policies don't cover replacing the worn out parts that are causing the problem for instance pipes or a leaking roof. However, if you have incurred damage as a result of the roof, then quite often you may be able to replace the ceiling, floor, walls or furniture which may have been damaged by the leak.

This really is one to check with a fine tooth comb though!

What Happens If Your Roof Is Leaking?

First things first you look need to look at what is causing the problem and where it is leaking. Minimise the damage by putting buckets in place to collect any leaking water and if you can find the source of the problem, apply a little common sense to what can be done to reduce the imminent damage.

Bear in mind any electrics in the vicinity as you need to ensure there is no electrical hazard to anyone in the house with this being around water.

If you have a substantial leak, you can sometimes find that there will be a bulge starting to appear in the ceiling. It may seem counter intuitive, but poke a small hole in the middle of this and pop a bucket underneath, as letting the water continue to puddle above the bulge could result in the entire ceiling coming down.

Obviously we are here to help so give us a call and we can look at what we can do to advise you.

How Long Should A Slate Roof Last?

Most Slate or Tiled roofs will last a good 20 years but any experienced roofer will recommend you getting an expert's opinion on a roof which is 15 years or older. There are a few sense checks which you can apply such as taking a look at the roof from outside from the kerb to see if they are starting to look tired or to look at the general state of repair of the roof.

You can also do a few checks such as turning your lights off inside your house in the early evening and seeing if there is any light coming into your house through the roof from outside suggesting that there may be gaps in it.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair Tiles On A Roof?

Obviously, it is much cheaper to just repair isolated tiles as and when they need it but what we often see is that tiles don’t tend to fail on their own. It’s common for there to be an underlying problem so we prefer to take a good look whilst replacing your tiles.

If we can see that there is going to be irreparable damage further down the line, we will let you know that maybe a re-roof is a preferable long term investment than the ongoing repairs that will start to crop up.

But in terms of replacing isolated tiles, you are usually looking at around £135 to £220 pounds to replace 10 tiles on an average semi detached house.

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