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Having your roof cleaned isn't something that everyone does on a regular basis so you may be very pleasantly surprised at what a difference it makes having your roof professionally cleaned.

Why Get My Roof Cleaned?

Over a period of time the stains and growth which can be caused by moss and lichen can start to look quite unsightly on your roof. Depending on which roof coatings your roof has, you can also find that some of this growth can reduce the life expectancy of your roof. The damp which the roof moss and algae can attract can slowly lead to rot, especially if it manages to penetrate your roof tiles or roof membrane.

Being a well reputed roofing company in service for over 30 years doesn't happen by accident.

Most of the time in this country though, the materials our roofs are made of are not prone to rotting from this type of growth. Whilst it’s definitely a good idea to maintain your roof and care for it well, we are more often asked to clean roofs for the improvement in appearance.

Having well-kept fascia’s, soffits and guttering are more common but the overall difference to your home when we clean the roof too is very noticeable. We don’t always notice how much our roof is showing signs of ageing but the buildup of stains and growths can sometimes become a bit of an eyesore. This is even more noticeable if you have a steep roof pitch which obviously shows more of the roof than a flatter roof.

As long standing and trusted roof specialists in Liverpool and the surrounding areas, we are proud of the level of experience and knowledge we have acquired over the years. Whilst repairing roofs we often see signs of ageing which are more aesthetic than structural.

A common scenario is when you have had part of your roof replaced - the new parts of it can really stand out against the aged roof so giving the whole roof a good clean, removing staining and dealing with any growth up there such as moss removal can stop the roof looking so patchy.

Should I Clean My Roof Myself?

Many people will attempt to clean their roof themselves but it's pretty tricky, particularly as most of the cleaning process entails using a pressure washer and we promise you this isn't an easy feat to do on your roof!

We often get asked about the process of pressure washing a roof but there is more to it than shooting a bit of high-pressure water at your roof. You will need to make sure that you apply the correct pressure on your roof as sometimes high pressure can actually cause more harm than good.

This is before you take into account the logistics of applying cleaning solutions and copious amounts of high-pressure water whilst teetering on a ladder. Some things are best left to the professionals!

Another aspect to consider if you’re looking to clean your roof yourself is that it's very tempting to only clean sections of your roof. Maybe there only appears to be a few problematic areas but it can rapidly become one of those things you’ll wish you hadn’t started. Once you are up there you start to see that it can be quite a vast space but only

Roof Cleaning Services

cleaning parts of it will leave you with a patchy result. It's important that you treat the roof in its entirety to get an even result.

If you’ve ever tried to ‘touch up’ a slightly older white wall with fresh white paint you’ll know exactly what we mean!

When you have your roof professionally cleaned we will apply a solution of Smartseal to it first to clean it and remove the moss and growth. This will be left for a while to do it’s magic, before being thoroughly rinsed and washed off with the pressure washer.

As the main benefit to cleaning your roof is usually the look of your roof, once it has been professionally cleaned this is where our process and high-quality service really stand out. The deterioration of your roof or buildup of stains on it can feel subtle but people always comment on how much of an impact it makes having their roof cleaned by us.

Conservatory roofs tend to be more visible as a rule so cleaning your conservatory roof can really pay off too.

How Much Does It Cost To Have My Roof Cleaned?

One of the most common questions we are asked is what is the cost of having your roof cleaned?

For a full roof clean (not including a conservatory), you are usually looking at around xxx for an average sized three-bedroom property’s roof.

We also clean the gutters, fascia’s and soffits while we up there to ensure you have a full clean as obviously you don't want grubby gutters when you've just had a shiny clean roof sorted.

We pride ourselves on being one of the best roof cleaning companies you can find in Liverpool and the surrounding areas. You don't get to stay in business for 30 years without providing a great service you know!

We’re a super friendly, super professional team so if you’d like to know any more about our roof cleaning services or roof repair services simply get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Get Instant Quotes For Roof Cleaning in Liverpool

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