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If you are based in Liverpool, you will know that it's quite a close knit place. There is no hiding if you don't do a good job here but luckily we don't have to worry about that.

Being a well reputed roofing company in service for over 30 years doesn't happen by accident.

It comes from providing a reliable service - really caring about the people that we help and making sure that the customer service you receive is at the very least what you expected. We have grown our business year on year through satisfied customers, one after another.

This is where most of our work comes from which is how we think it should be - happy recommendations for our roofing services. Knowing people are really please with our great service is how we like to work so it keeps us pretty busy these days (or out of trouble as our mam used to say!)

But we’ve always known it's all about the trust.

Many companies will try to add a sneaky premium here and there to your quotes or prices.

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We believe that you should get a great service and great quality as standard practice. We will make sure we completely understand your needs when we speak to you and will only quote for what you've actually asked for and need. None of this ‘adding a service here’ or scare tactics to get you to pay for something you don’t need. That kind of business soon fizzles out and we’re happily as busy as ever.

For instance, one scenario which sometimes crops up is that we attend a property to make one or two small roof repairs, but then identify once we take a look that it's only a matter of time before your deteriorating roof is going to need more repairs. We will always make sure we let you know this BEFORE we start your job.

There's no point us making repairs if it's only a matter of months before you are going to be dipping into your precious savings again, and we understand this so we'll avoid it wherever possible.

We will always let you know if there are other weaknesses in your roof too - we are often asked to inspect roofs in the summer months if people have concerns that their roof may be vulnerable in the winter months - this gives them peace of mind that they are not going to have a hefty bill because their roof has needed lots of storm damage repairs which could have been avoided.

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That’s not us trying to scare you of course - we’re actually quite a happy bunch as we love what we do!

We have acquired quite a few skills over the years too so anyone looking for any aspects of roofing can get in touch. We are totally honest so if we can't do it we will say so straight away but there's a strong chance that there is someone who we can recommend who will be able to help you out.

One thing we find with the roofing in Liverpool is that there are common types of roofs such as slate roofs which we see often. So some aspects of roofing we can almost do in our sleep - with extreme efficiency of course! Our expertise means we provide reliability and a prompt service too because we know that time is money and luckily for you we know exactly what we’re doing.

We’ve already made our mistakes in the early days and learned the hard way through proper graft and doing a job over again until it’s done perfectly. Now we’ve been in business for over 30 years, we can safely say we've earned our title as experts.

Some of the services we offer include include Flat Roofs, Pitched Roofing, Fascias, Guttering and Soffits, Roof & Gutter Cleaning Veluxe Windows and we are also the locally preferred company for cleaning roofs too

Roofing is ultimately about peace of mind. We’re fortunate in this country that having a home which is warm, dry and safe is a basic expectation and we are proud to play our part in that. Older homes or more to the point older roofs, can bring vulnerability so if you’re concerned about your roof or any part of it simply get in touch for a free quote and we’ll happily come and see you.

Whether it is flat roofing systems you are looking for or maybe parts of your slate roof need repairing - we can help. From full roof replacements to a few tiles get in touch - after all you’ll be keeping our mam happy as she knows we’re on our best behaviour when we’re at work!

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